Hi, my name is Lauren!

Houston, Texas. Proud Texan. Born in Alabama. Assistant Wedding Coordinator. Stella & Dot Stylist. EVER Skincare Specialist. Brush lettering and calligraphy. Always Diet Coke. Starbucks is life. Coffee before talkie. Fur baby and best friend is Cocco. Extreme night owl. Beach over mountains.

Professional Background

I graduated from the greatest university in the nation, Texas A&M University… whoop! I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Motor Behavior and a minor in Psychology. After college, I couldn’t afford to go get a Masters so I did the next best thing I knew and loved… weddings. I have been an assistant wedding coordinator for 2 years, and thoroughly enjoy it. I spend most of my days organizing, working on my businesses, and dreaming about what I REALLY want my future to look like. I firmly believe that you should be doing something you love, or you will never truly experience happiness. Although I love what I do, I still needed to express myself creatively and independently as a self proclaimed entrepreneur. So here I am!

Grace & Whim

G&W was a long time coming. I wanted to start a blog years ago, but fear of failure always put it to a halting stop. I have a passion for beauty, fashion, interior design, and pretty much everything in between. When I say “beauty” I don’t mean just makeup and hair products, but the true beauty you can’t find at Sephora or Ulta. True beauty is from within, and everyone and I mean EVERYONE is beautiful. But don’t get me wrong, I love a good foundation and mascara. I wanted to share my passion for these things, in hopes to inspire and encourage other women just like me. I may not always be on the newest and hottest trends, but I do me, and I’m confident doin’ me… you feel me? I want you to be confident too.

The Name

I chose the name Grace & Whim for a couple of reasons. I choose ‘grace’ because it embodies a lot of things. Grace is the undeserving help that God gives us to live out our calling to be children of God. I believe you should try to live your life gracefully, I believe you should give grace, and receive grace. I chose ‘whim’ because by definition it means, “a sudden wish, desire, decision, etc.” (Merriam Webster). Being that I am a perfectionist, and a bit of a control freak… I try let go a little and live my life with a little more whimsy and spontaneity. The purpose of life is to live it fully.